18 de dezembro de 2010

The Psylocibian Devils : Christmas Pines

The Psylocibian Devils : Christmas Pines

(online christmas single, Cloud Chapel, 2010)

Os Psylocibian Devils retornam dos infernos psilocibianos com uma nova canção de Natal lançada pela Cloud Chapel, do meu amigo Stan Molina.

"Christmas Pines" escrita, ilustrada e gravada pelos Psilocybian Devils. Mixada e masterizada por Diogo Valentino.

The Psylocibian Devils - Christmas Pines by cloudchapel

You’re making me feel like my vision is wrong
But your eyes are not doing much better
You're stitching me up like a smile in a song
A frog in a pond
But your ghosts are all under the weather

There's no need to rush for the city
The good times are on
The daydreams cascade from the cirrus clouds
Over the haze

Your freckles have flown

And the children now gaze at them in the sky

Got them all hipnotized

You're trying to point out what's rough about me
But I see no wings under your feathers
I blame you but please don't get furious at me
I'm trembling, you see
Just like when we were together

There's no way to say it with sweetness
The spike plants have grown
The graveyard's been pestered by moss and tide
Time to row home

But all the love’s gone
And the bugs are all fuzzed by the city lights
Hundreds of wandering eyes

Listen again

The music lives on
But your voice has been flushed down the organ pipes
Beautiful suicides

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